Why 'Kosher Wall'?

Welcome to Kosher Wall!

You may be curious about the origins of “Kosher Wall,” the name chosen for my life coaching service. This unique pairing provides a powerful encapsulation of the mission I’ve set out on and the transformative journey I offer.

“Kosher,” widely known in a food context, signifies anything that’s beneficial or suitable for consumption. In the context of my work, it symbolizes the journey of enhancing various aspects of your life - such as technology, career, and personal goals - into something that is wholesome and beneficial for you.

On the other hand, a “wall” signifies a structure that sets boundaries and offers protection. It is an embodiment of the personal boundaries and systems I aim to help you construct - a wall crafted uniquely for you and under your terms.

Bring these words together and you get “Kosher Wall,” a name that represents my mission to guide you in making your interactions with technology and your career progression “kosher” - meaning healthy and beneficial. Simultaneously, I aim to help you erect your “wall” - personal structures and boundaries that protect and support you.

As a life coach, I understand the hurdles and challenges you face in matters of technology safety, family tech safety, career progression, and goal setting, among many other things. My mission is to make technology and career growth “kosher” for you, providing you with the essential tools and tactics to use technology responsibly and advance your career in a way that harmonizes with your personal life and ambitions.

In addition, I guide you in setting your boundaries – your “wall” – around technology usage and career development, enabling you to maintain control and utilize these facets to your benefit, without allowing them to overwhelm or take control of you.

The idea of a “wall” also resonates with me personally. It stands as a symbol of endurance, resilience, and determination, a metaphorical fortress that can protect what we value most.

This profound concept forms the basis of my coaching methodology. I aim for the boundaries and structures we construct together in your life to be as steadfast and resilient as a wall. It’s my sincere hope that our collaborative efforts will embody strength, endurance, and wisdom.

Choosing Kosher Wall means setting forth on a journey in sync with this priceless wisdom and aspiration. Together, we’ll aim to make your engagement with technology, career progression, and goal setting as resilient and meaningful as a sturdy wall itself. I’m convinced that through our joint efforts, we can create a satisfying, balanced, and safeguarded life - a life that is truly “kosher” within your personal “wall.”

Kosher Wall extends beyond just a company; it’s my personal pledge towards your growth and wellbeing. As your life coach, I’m here with you every step of the journey, ready to guide you in building your robust and beneficial “Kosher Wall.”

Welcome to a life that’s truly “kosher” within your personal “wall.”